Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Orsoni Day 3. Highlights

It's very late night. Just finished working, and I'm going to try not to ramble in this blog. I really need some long hours of sleep.
So here are some highlights from the day.

Antonella made the rounds to see what we'd been up to the night before. I got a "Perfecto!" which of course felt grand. Not every one was so lucky. Some people had to undo their hours of work, and rework it. Hard stuff.

Visiting Antonella's studio, which is down the stairs from our studio, across the walkway, and up the other stairs. Perfect space. Mosaic floor, two huge long work tables, excellent lights, shelves and shelves of materials, wash sink in the corner, and gorgeous mosaics on the walls. Some of them are very early pieces of The Maestro. I'll photograph it later and show it.

The Maestro visited us again. I must say, he's a really impressive character. I have'nt felt this in awe of anyone since I was about 14 and met our Headmaster, 'The Boss' at school. No, just kidding, but it's ever so reminiscent of the feeling I had when I saw the Dali Lama. Really impressive. He spent quite some time with us, was quite positive and helpful with my piece. He wears the shiniest shoes I've ever seen, and his voice is commanding. Do I sound impressed?

We went back to the foundry and watched the gold making process. We'd already seen the huge bubbles of glass being blown and cut the other day. Now we saw how the gold leaf is attached to the glass, then put through a heating process, has molten glass ladled on it, pressed flat, cooled, then annealed in the ovens, and later cut into squares by the highly experience workers. I still get a feeling of medieval times, in front of the furnace, and watching the women doing their tasks.

Am I rambling?
I must hurry to bed. Big day tomorrow. A walking tour of St Marco's and of course more work.
This afternoon I plugged myself into the i-pod, this after looking through the music collection in the studio and feeling completely icky. (Sorry Mirta. For your birthday, I'm buying you a new cd)

Then after a quick pizza in a little tavern in the ghetto area, (Italians really do make good pizza), it was back to work this time with the music of Ismael Lo, Melissa Ethridge, Mendelssohn and Bruch.

After all that it seems I'm only approaching the quarter way mark of my piece. I'm sure I did lots today, but when I look at my piece it seems I only did about 4 cm. How is it possible? Oh Yeah, it must be the damn size I'm working at. If I cut the glass any smaller I'll be shaving my finger nails. Why Mel?? Why!?

Got to sleep.
Thanks for reading.

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Gwyn Vermeulen said...

It sounds just like I imagine it, heaven... ahhhh, one day. It's definitely on my bucket list, and I will probably cry too!