Friday, September 21, 2007

Jesse's Mirror - 2004. 500 X1400cm

Also one of my earlier pieces. I made this for my daughter Jesse. She turned 21. I was very inspired, and worked under extremely difficult conditions. I had very little space, and had to keep moving the piece out of the way when I was working with clients, and then put it back onto my massage table when I wanted to work on it. Insane. When I grouted it I was quite disappointed in the colour of the grout. I felt it should have been darker. In any event, it's still a stunning piece, and when I presented it to Jesse I told her that when she looked into it, she would always see the most beautiful woman in the world. It's true.

Going Back in Time - Heirloom Piece

One of the first pieces I ever made. I used the old brass table that belonged to my Grandmother. The glass top was cracked and had the imprint of an old fashioned iron on it. The centre is made up of broken china from both sides of my family, Mother's and Father's side. It's surrounded by a passover plate that came from my In-Laws family home. I also used glass mosaic tiles for the radiating pattern, and included some of the passover plate and china from an old tea set of my Mom's in the outer pattern. At the centre is the raised piece of tea cup with a complet rose on it. I didn't want to lose this rose and in the end decided to use it at that hight. It lends real character to the piece. I had a strong feeling of weaving the broken parts of my family together when I made this and felt so happy with the result. It was also deeply inspired by geometry and mandalas.

Welcome to the beginning

Before you see mosaics, see glass beads. All hand blown on the propane torch by Mel. Designed and made also by Mel. This particular one was made for Caroline who loves these colours and asked for something in this combination.