Friday, January 29, 2010

Orsoni Day 12

1. The Maestro, Mel and Antonelle
2. Dominique and her Picasso
3. Nancy and Tibetan prayer flags
4. Gerard with his stunning gold Christ piece. G aspires to working in the Vatican Mosaic studio
5. The street where I live.

A chaotic strange day.

The Maestro came for the presentation of certificates. See pics.
I'm surprised to say, I felt a bit emotional holding the paper that says I have a Master in Mosaic from Orsoni's Bottega (no English word for that, it's like the 'House of the Artist/Craftsman).
I'll probably frame it..... (blush)

I didn't get much work done. People coming in and out of the studio. Ordering bits and pieces to take home. Discussing some future planned mosaic work with Antonelle and how to go about them. Invaluable help in particular with a piece I've started several times and discarded as many.

A lunch, solo in the little restaurant down the canal. A bit like being in my very own version of a Fellini movie. Seated at a table with 5 workmen all rattling at high volume in Italian while eating wonderful food and consuming copious quantities of on-tap red wine. Love it!

Then the rushed farewells in the afternoon. Dominique left for Belguim. The teachers left.

Nancy, Gerard (Swiss) and myself are left for the weekend. All working to finish off the pieces we've been working on.

I've not yet quite understood this next little phase. Nor quite processed the completion of the course So I'm just saying to myself, "Hey, I'm in Venice for a whole weekend. Brilliant!!"
Except of course for the not so little Venetian belly which I've grown thanks to all the Italian bread and pastries I've consumed the past 2 weeks. I need the gym.

Till later.........

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veggie2go said...

Congratulations on finishing the master class.
You are a MASTER indeed. To be honest, you've been one for me even without the certificate :-)
Fantastic, as usual, your Nebula!!!