Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Fat Lady is Singing

Anyway, the Fat Lady is Singing folks.

And we all know what that means.

It's all over.

A sweet and quiet weekend spent working on the endings.
Three of us were left in the Guest House and studio. We worked lots, but I also went out for a couple of delightful walks.

In the end, Nancy and Gerard left mid-afternoon. I cleverly went walking at the same time. All the way to Rialto bridge. Venice has an atmosphere which is intoxicating. What is it??

I loved being out in the streets. In the throngs of people. Looking at the shops. If you want an admission, here it is.... I love shopping. Okay, it's out.

Only reason I didn't buy shoes is because I just don't have any space or weight allocation for shoes. (some of you know my new relationship with shoes ) Too much glass crammed into my bag. But I found lots and lots of tiny little wonderful things to buy. I bought myself a warm purple hat, with flowers on. Crazy. But it will always remind me of Venice. And lots of other things, which I can't reveal in case it blows the surprise for the people who're getting presents. Lucky things.
I love surprises.

Okay, that's it for now.
The studio is empty. See the pic.
Venice said arrivederci to me in the most beautiful way this evening. The light was gorgeous. Thank you Venice.
Thank you Orsoni and all the wonderful people here.
Thank you to myself for being so brilliant and getting myself here.
Thank you to all those who support my brilliant ideas in all the ways they do.

My 2nd mosaic is not yet complete as you can see. I've taken all the materials I need to complete it and will work on it in Holland over the next 2 weeks. Will post some pics when it's done.

Thanks for following me.




Julie Richey said...

Ah, Mel. I feel your pain. Leaving Venice is like abandoning a child who is crying after you, even if you're only going to the movies and leaving her with the babysitter. It's like saying goodbye to a cherished friend and not knowing when you will see one another again.

You definitely got everything you could possibly glean from this sojourn. Congratulations on your fine work, and thanks for letting us relive our wonderful Orsoni experiences vicariously. It was great to see Mirta, Antonella and Lucio in your pics.

Best wishes!

Jamie said...

Hey Mel

What an amazing woman you are and now a MASTER....always knew you are a master at many things including being you and living your life to the fullest..I am blessed:-) journey to Holland...the days are getting longer:-)

Margi said...

Thank you, Mel, for sharing your Orsoni adventure. Your pictures and words brought back so many memories of my trip to Venice years ago. Congratulations on your masterful mosaic, enjoyed seeing and reading of your progress. Travel safely!

Margi (USA)