Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Orsoni Day 10

1. Placing the last piece.
2. There she is. On the easel.
3. That's the fab restaurant. 2 people sitting outside.
4. Here we go again.
5. Same same, but different.

I've packed 3 quarters of my clothes into a box which I bought at the Post Office today. Most of them are dirty, and I have to say that I think this plan is a stroke of genius. I'm posting them to Holland where I'll be for 2 weeks when I leave Venice. I brought far too many clothes, and while I've enjoyed dressing up every morning, I spend most of the day in a dirty apron, so it's a bit of a waste. I think the box is weighing in at around 10kilograms (that's approx 22pounds in Americanese)

Does anyone guess where this is going yet?

Of course!
I'm freeing up space and weight in my suitcase so I can carry glass home. That was pretty obvious huh. And while I can live without my clothes for a week or two, I'm not sure that I can live without my glass. And this from a woman who's sporting a band-aid on every finger except for the pinky. Committed is what I am.

So, the wonderful moment arrived. I placed the last piece of smalti into my mosaic around 11am this morning. Mirta took the lovely shot of me doing it. Infact, I knew that later I'd have to correct a small section at the top of the piece, but it was wonderful to feel that finishing moment. So HorseHead Nebula spent most of the day displayed on the easel. Happy.

A huge sense of relief for me.

I decided to treat myself to a special lunch at the little local restaurant which the teachers took us to the first day of the course.

And what a gorgeous day in Venice today. Just stunning. Sunshine, not too cold, everything shining and just beautiful. Off I toddled to the post office to buy my box and then to the restaurant who's name I don't remember. It looks like nothing from the outside. Inside every table bar one was taken. It's small, very crowded with locals and extremely noisy. I took the free table. I thought Nancy might join me so I felt okay about taking a 4 seater alone.

After 5 minutes the waitress seated and elderly couple at my table. No problem.
They didn't speak English, we smiled at each other. I tried to restrain myself from stroking her fur. It's getting harder for me. I ordered the grilled chicken. It's time for some protein folks. I've been living on bread and pastry for a week and with no gym, dancing or mountain walks, well, you can just imagine what my waist line is looking like.

Anyway, I was half way through my chicken and vegetable ( brusselsprouts and peas which were cooked to destruction and then smothered in olive oil and tasted fantastic), when the last seat at my table was filled by a man.

He greeted me in English. Great! It's nice to be able to talk to the people you're eating with. So we chatted, and he asked me how I'd discovered the restaurant. He explained that it's really just for locals. Since it's on the 2nd biggest canal in Venice, many of the boat drivers and other work people come to eat here. It's like the 'Trucker's Diner', of Venice. But the food is delicious. And the man was too. An Italian mathematics lecturer at the university. In fact, he wasn't very good looking at all, (one of his eyes was, well..., not in the conversation at all). But what is it about that Italian accent. Sigh!

Lovely meeting. Great meal. Excellent conversation. Beautiful weather. Good to be out and about in Venice.

I've started on my second mosaic now. This is the terrestial part. You can see from the pic above. Earthy colours. It was taken by my darling friend Diana from Vancouver. She took it when we were in Egypt in 2008. Luxor to be precise. It's the most beautiful thing I saw in Egypt. And Diana captured it exquisitely. I loved this pic when I first saw it and asked her then if I could make a mosaic of it one day. Here goes Diana!

I went down to the gold cutting room where the colour samples are kept. I had to select the colours I need for this project. It's truly an amazing place this. The materials are superb. Choices, choices choices. Libran agony. I don't know how I'll live without all this glorious booty around me.

The new project is a big undertaking, but I'll be in Venice till Monday, and I'll be able to work on it all weekend. Although, since I finished the first one, I don't feel pressured anymore, and I know I can take materials home and finish it there.
And besides, I'm feeling a little seduced by Venice now. (About time!)

I went out this evening for a little walk, and to purchase a couple things I needed. All fell down in the nutrition department, and I supped on two Frettelles (yummy pastry thingys ) and a cup of tea. My 5 Roses are running low. Any chance someone can post me some? Just kidding. Everything's so perfect here, even the tea is good.

Enjoy the pics.
Thanks for all your wonderful comments and encouragement. I really appreciate it.
Don't stop.


Debra said...

I can't tell you how much I am enjoying reading your posts and seeing your pictures. I took a one week Master's mosaic class at Orsoni's in Oct. 2008 and your writing is bringing it all back to me. The glass, the gold, the food, everyone at Orsoni, everything about Venice - I loved it all and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Your first piece is bella! I am looking forward to seeing your second.


Myrtle said...

The Trattoria is called "Marisa", and I can tell, I saw her almost caressing another fur yesterday! (I miss my cat, she said...)
Thanks Mel, I love your blog.

Nancie Mills Pipgras said...

Your Nebula is wonderful! Tricky subject, the cosmos. Worthy of Orsoni. You writing has brought joy to my days. Thank you

Jamie said...

MEL..what a beautiful piece...worth every splinter in the skin, the past and bread for must be feeling very accomplished for sure...and you should.

I imagine the second piece will get done a lot faster since you have been there...although I swear yopu must have been to the first one as well. The next time you go for a jaunt in your dreams to far away places tahe me okay:-)))

Love yah

Great idea about the clothes...maybe LUC will do you laundry for you...oh I forgot...HANDS OFF MY LAUNDRY!!!

Jamie said...

and one day I will learn to use spell check?

veggie2go said...

Last as usual... but just in writing down my admiration and feelings :-)

You are inspiring, lady! I love reading your blog, I can feel the intensity of your experience and creative fever. I miss the exuberance and overwhelming energy of your physical presence!

And I feel extremely honoured by your new project.
Thank you, Mel!